For over 45 years, carpenters and do-it-yourselfers have trusted Bernardi Building Supply to provide them with the highest quality lath and plaster products in Toronto and the surrounding areas. At Bernardi, high-quality building products have been our family’s passion since we founded the business in 1971. Providing excellent customer service is our number one priority. We’ll do our best to assist you whether you’re working on a small task for your home or are a builder working on a large commercial project. Our mission is to search out the highest-quality products while keeping prices as low and competitive as possible. No matter what sort of lath and plaster supplies you need to complete your project, we’ll work to make sure you leave with exactly what you need.

Bernardi Building Supply is one of the top Toronto establishments in the lath and plaster industry. Our products are supplied from some of the top plaster companies in the world including Dragon Board, Graymount and brought to you at incredibly competitive pricing and knowledge. BBS offers a plethora of quality products to fit the needs of any project you have on your list, no matter how big or how small they may be. We are always here to answer questions about processes and products and aim to give our customers the best quality experience in Toronto. Customer satisfaction and service are paramount to us. Our knowledgeable sales staff offer reliable advice about our large selection of quality building products for residential, commercial, industrial renovation and construction projects. We are committed to providing specialized delivery services for our customers no matter how complicated they may seem, and we offer specialized equipment that handles even the most challenging deliveries in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns about your projects as we are always here to help.

Latest Lath and Plaster Products in Toronto

Here at Bernardi Building Supply we are committed in keeping up to date on new products and always fully stocked. We offer such a broad array of lath and plaster products that you won’t be able to find most of them at your large chain stores, making BBS a leader in the industry. We only carry durable and reliable products which will leave you feeling safe and secure that no matter what you choose from BBS, your plaster project will be quality from start to completion. Whether you are looking for Structo-Lite, Finishing Lime, Ceiling Texture Spray, Veneer Board, and Plasters, or Magnesia Board, we are the one stop shop for all your project needs. If you are looking for a product that is unusual or hard to find, our extensive database and our committed relationship with our suppliers allows us to track down even the toughest of orders.

All of these attributes combined make us stand out above the competition. Our number one concern is customer service and ensuring you have the right supplies to start your projects. With our experienced lath and plaster staff, you will be completely satisfied with the level of expertise you receive when you walk through our doors. When it comes to your lath and plaster needs, Bernardi Building Supply is your first and last stop.


Applying a base coat is one of the first steps when beginning a plastering project. The basecoat provides an abrasive and thermal resistant layer that sits under the plaster and allows for insulation particularly when aggregate is not available. For walls and surfaces that are exposed to high traffic and changes in temperatures, the base coat will provide a sturdier surface, allowing your plaster projects to long term lasting power. Structo-Lite is one of the most trusted base layer products on the market and comes in several different lines for you to get the perfect product for your project. If you are unsure of what the best choice would be, make sure to consult with the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bernardi Building Supply who will give you all the necessary information you need to make informed decisions.

Finishing Lime

Finishing Lime is a product that is constructed from double-hydrated dolomitic limestone and is used with gauging plasters and Keenes cement to provide a smooth troweling, highly workable plastering surface. Finishing Lime will move and stretch with the inevitable shrinkage that occurs with these types of masonry products. This product comes in several different ingredient mixtures and the staff at Bernardi Building Supply can help you pick the right combination for your plastering project.

Ceiling Texture Spray in Toronto

Textured ceiling application can be timely and be challenging without the correct tools and products. Ceiling texture spray allows you to apply your texture and be assured that any mistakes or issues will be covered up and smoothed over. These products can also be used to implement the touch to your entire ceiling. Ceiling texture spray comes in a variety of styles and textures depending on your preference and project. The staff at BBS is always there to help you find the perfect product for your ceiling surface projects. If you run into an issue during the process, you can always call us, and we will assist in the best way we can.

Veneer Board and Plaster

Veneer board and plaster is a method used to surface your interior walls. You apply a thin layer of plaster of a gypsum board base that is similar to drywall. Veneer boarding and plastering protects the gypsum board from softening when you implement the regular plaster to the wall. This product can easily be achieved in two coats and can save you a lot of time and money. This method is especially useful when you are taking on renovations of an older building that may not have the best insulation installed. BBS is committed to giving you the knowledge and quality product for all of your veneer board and plaster needs.

Magnesia Board

Magnesia Board or MgO board is a non-insulating product used for many different applications. Magnesia board can be used in wall and ceiling linings, fascias, soffits, tile backing, and underlayment. This product is especially useful in projects that require fire resistant products, noise cancellation, or mold and mildew control. Magnesia board is factory-made but is considered to be an all-natural product. BBS provides quality choices from some of the best suppliers in the world.

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